"In a mellow tone" was recorded in 2003 .This particular trio,Wilbur Krebs on bass and Tim Harker on saxes, works in intimate settings and the intention was to recreate that "feel" in the studio.Just three guys sitting around the living room playing tunes on a sunny afternoon.

Wilbur Krebs is well known to many people in the area ,many areas in fact, as a guitarist-bassist extraordinaire and is a long-time friend and co-conspirator. Over the past 25 years or so we have made a lot of music together and with any luck at all we'll have at least another 25. Any style ,any feel-the moment he plugs in is the moment that the music begins ...

Tim Harker and I met by chance when I moved back to the NE Ohio in '95 and instantly became musical brothers. From the beginning I realized that all I had to do was count to 4 and Tim would grab his brush and paint a beautiful backdrop or come to the front and tell "his story" in an interesting,lyrical ,beautiful way......

This CD was recorded in an afternoon.

The arrangements,such as they are, grew spontaneously as we sat in a circle and just had fun playing, eye contact and head nods substituting for the "written word" . The Lyrics in the cd's title song say it best. Enjoy.

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